Vaclav Kaizr – Kovovyroba (Metal Production)

The family company Vaclav Kaizr - Kovovyroba was established on April 1, 1990. Our business activity primarily focuses on the production and assembly of steel constructions, locksmith work, tinsmith work, artistic blacksmithing, sales of own products and metallurgical materials.

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About the Company

The company has currently 36 employees. Production is provided in our own well-equipped workshops which we have built step by step.

We pay attention to the quality of our products which is guaranteed by compliance with the strictest European standards. We hold certificate: ČSN EN ISO 1090-1+A1.

Workers who perform assembly and welding work, own European certification tests.

You can count on us

TOP 10 satisfied customers

  1. We will fulfill the customer's wishes (exactly according to the requirements)
  2. Technical support - design, efficiency, manufacturability
  3. Reliability
  4. Safety
  5. Lifespan
  6. Warranty up to 10 years
  7. Assembly and delivery to the destination
  8. Quality material and high quality workmanship
  9. Reasonable price (low)
  10. Adherence to delivery date (speed)

We will produce for you a quality, reliable and safe product, designed to suit your ideas and requirements, purchased at an affordable price and with a long-term warranty.

We respect your wishes and ideas, we strictly adhere to the agreed conditions and deadlines. Thanks to many years of experience and an individual approach to our customers, we are also able to offer atypical products, such as ornamentally decorated fences, gates or doors.

Every customer is important to us, whether it is a large organization or an individual builder. We know that you can read similar words on most company websites even though the reality might be different, so we always ask our customers to give us feedback.