Tinsmith work

We perform tinsmith work from the following materials: titanium - zinc (Ti-Zn), copper (Cu), zinc, aluminum (Al), etc.

The main focus of our tinsmith activities:

  • sheet metal roofs
  • facade elements
  • material bending

We provide installation of roof systems from smooth roofing, roofing type Lindab, Rova, Al roofing Prefa, etc.

Small atypical custom products to order are a matter of course.

We prepare the plumbing elements in our own plumbing workshops equipped with machines from the world-famous brand Schlebach.

At present, the tinsmith department employs 10 qualified tinmen.

Every customer is important to us. We respect your wishes and ideas. One of the priorities of our company is an individual approach to the customer, compliance with the agreed conditions and deadlines. We put great emphasis on customer satisfaction and make sure we do not disappoint the trust you have placed in our company.

For this reason, as one of the few companies in this field, we focus and process the price offer completely FREE OF CHARGE.

In case you are interested, contact the head of the tinsmith department, Mr. Dominik Kaizr.

Several samples of our products are on display in the reference section.